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Centrum pro studium japonského jazyka v Aiči - Institut Yamasa
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Homestay Program


Yamasa's homestay program began when the Aichi Center for Japanese Studies was first established. Being just outside, not in the center of a major city, houses in Okazaki are larger and good homestays are easier to obtain. Okazaki is a city of manageable size with a long history that has also kept its traditions and heritage. Here you can experience the true culture of Japanese family life, something increasingly hard to experience in crowded metropolitan cities.

Practicing Japanese

Yamasa's homestays give you not only the opportunity to practice language skills (especially listening and speaking) and intimately experience the culture, it also provides a priceless chance to communicate across cultures and make long lasting friendships. Many students who have experienced the homestay program at Yamasa continue to maintain close friendships with their Japanese family. If you don’t want to spend the entire time living with a family, you can also take advantage of Yamasa's free home visit program at weekends.

Homestays are not Student Housing. There are some basic rules. A homestay is a wonderful opportunity for you to improve your Japanese and understand the culture in a way not otherwise possible - however please note that it is not like staying in a hotel. You are a guest of a family and are required to follow the rules, as they would apply for any family member.

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